Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dedicated Funding for Mass Transit

Transit is an important part of any active transportation network. Transit enables walkers and bicyclists to extend transportation options by allowing them to combine walking or bicycling trips with transit trips.

As explained by Michael Skipper, Director of the Nashville Area MPO, dedicated funding is essential to the implementation and operation of a regional mass transit and is mandatory for federal funding assistance for major capital investments in new start projects.

The first step in that process is a request to the legislature to provide additional tools for local governments to work together as a region to dedicate funds for mass transit. That request has been filed as SB 1471 (Haynes) and HB 1263 (Sontany) and is available for your review at http://www.capitol.tn.gov/.

The Nashville Area MPO, in partnership with the Nashville MTA, RTA, Franklin Transit Authority, and the Rover in Murfreesboro is currently working with business groups, local communities, and other regional organizations to develop a plan for transit which will be an integral part of a much larger multi-modal regional transportation plan.

Read more about the MPO's vision for mass transit in the greater Nashville region.