Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey

The MPO Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey is still ongoing, however staff has compiled some preliminary results:

Almost 1,700 participants have filled out the survey

Most respondents live and work in Davidson County (Nashville)

39% live within a reasonable walking or bicycling distance from work (0-5 miles)

40% of households have students

25% bicycle to work at least once a month

49% walk to errands at least once a month

Lack of facilities, traffic, and driver behavior are the most common reasons for not walking or bicycling more often.

More facilities, connections between facilities and with other modes, and education were sited as the most important improvements that can be made for walking and bicycling.

With these improvements, the majority of respondents said they would be more likely to walk or bicycle to work, shop, eat out or go to the park.

Click here to view the summary of survey responses.